Half Our Deen offers an affordable, effective and safe platform for Muslims to find spouses. We have exclusive features to make that as easy as possible. We charge a low price because we want all of our brothers and sisters to enjoy the blessing that is marriage.



Why become a member?

Real people, real matches.

Have you ever wondered why someone you contacted on other matchmaking websites never responded? It's probably because they never got the message. Most sites lure you in and let you browse for free. Then once you actually try to contact someone, you're told you can't go any further until you agree to pay an exorbitant monthly fee. This is the point where most people leave. Unfortunately, their profiles stay posted and inflate the site’s number of users.

At Half Our Deen, we don’t believe in operating that way. All of the profiles on our site are of active, paying members. Our prices are affordable and we are upfront about them. We are sincere in our desire to help you find your other half.